What are the stages of a root canal treatment?

Step 1: Consultation

  • Assessment of your medical history, dental history and chief complaint
  • Clinical assessment of the area/tooth
  • Explanation of what the procedure entails, what to expect before, during and after the procedure
  • Costs involved with treatment
  • Need of referral to a registered specialist (Endodontist)
Root Canal Treatment

Step 2: Second appointment

  • Treatment commences with local anaesthetic to numb the area, followed by placement of a rubber dam to isolate the tooth from the rest of your mouth.
  • Access to the pulp chamber and canal(s) for cleaning purpose and sealing of canals with a final root filling (root canal treatment). However, sometimes it is necessary a subsequent visit(s) to complete treatment. Your dentist will inform you if necessary.

It is important to remove all carious lesion (tooth decay) and any defective restorations prior to root canal treatment. It makes sure tooth holds a strong, sound structure.

Temporary fillings may be necessary in between visits to avoid recontamination of canals. It would happen if the tooth was left open.


Root Canal Treatment In Solihull

Step 3: Third Appointment

Medicine is placed to help the tooth get even more better.  The tooth is sealed to prevent bacteria entering the top part of your tooth.

Step 4: Finish the rooth canal treatment

The root is root filled with special filling material at Eternal Smiles Dental Centre.  Then a fiber post is placed in one of the canals to hold a core filling at the top of the tooth.  

The next part is to finish the tooth with a full ceramic crown. 

Success rate of root canal treatment :

The success rates are very high if treatment is done well in the first place and the tooth is not left unattended to for too long before you come in to see us at Eternal Smiles Dental Centre.  If you do wait for months before you see us the canals become heavily infected, therefore lowering success rates.

It is essential to protect the tooth with a full crown after the treatment is completed.  Like a wet leave is flexible but once it is drys out (like when your tooth dies and the blood and liquids disappear.

We use lasers to help your tooth get better.  Lasers provide the best success rates for your tooth.

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