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A full breakdown of costs for your new smile will be provided with after your initial consultation.

We are committed to providing you with the very best possible treatment.

Treatment Menu Non Members / Members
Dental Care Plan- 2 exams and 2 hyg appts per year £0
New Patient Examination   £44
6 Monthly Examination   £44 £0 (2 per year)
Small X-ray to check for cavities or gum disease   £18 £0 (when necessary)

Hygiene Treatment First Visit from-

(Look at gum disease treatments below too)

Air Flow Scale and Polish


  £98- 168

£0 (2 per year)

10% off

White Fillings   from    £131 15% OFF
Ceramic Inlay / onlays   from    £588 10% OFF
Cosmetic Crowns    from    £578 10% OFF
Porcelain Veneers from    £551                   10%
Composite Veneers – from    £198  
Teeth Whitening    
Laser Tooth Whitening    £408                   10%
Home Tooth Whitening from    £198  
Braces Consultation    £44                    £21
Invisible Braces – from    £914                   10% OFF
Tooth Coloured Braces – from    £994                   10% OFF
Fast Braces – from    £1181                   10% OFF
Dental Implants
Dental Implant Consultation    £78                   10% OFF
Dental Implants (not including crown and fixture) – from    £958                   10% OFF
Root Fillings                                                         Non-members / Members
Root Canal Treatment – complete treatment over 2 months from   £361 10% OFF
Porcelain – from   £851 / tooth 10% OFF
Full Denture single arch   £871 10% OFF
Partial Denture – from   £613 10% OFF
Cobalt Chromium – from   £958 10% OFF
Gum Treatment
Mild to moderate therapy – per visit   £258-358
Advanced gum therapy with laser treatment   £358-815 10% OFF
Emergency call-out fee – from    £95 £0

Dental Extractions – from

Wisdom tooth extractions – from

  £151 – £311

   £281 -£361


Regular Twice A Year Plan

£ 16
  • 2 examinations
  • and 2 hyg appts per year

3 Monthly Gum Care Plan

£ 23
  • 2 examinations
  • and 4 hyg appts per year

Clear Braces

We provide all kinds of braces

dental implants denture implants single and multiple implants

Dental Implants

Replacement of missing tooth or securing loose dentures.

teeth whitening home and laser and zoom

Laser Teeth Whitening

Safe And Reliable Method To Whiten Your Teeth

Gum care periodontitis

Gum Diseases Treatment

Treatment of Cold Sores And Ulcers in the mouth

We Can Help You By

Providing High Standard of Dental Care

dental implants denture implants single and multiple implants

Dental Implants

Have you got loose dentures or missing teeth. Do you want to eat better and have secure implant crowns or implant bridges. Then look no

gum disease, periodontitis, bleeding gum, painful gum

Gum Disease Care

Periodontitis is a gum disease which can be reversed easily. Let us show you how.

eternal smiles dental centre

Cosmetic Dentistry

To Make Your Teeth Straighter And Look Brilliant We Have Many Trusted Modern Procedures To Give You That Perfect Smile.

clear invisalign braces

Clear Aligners Treatment

We have invisible braces which can’t be seen.

eternal smiles dental centre

Laser Gum Treatment

Dental lasers get you the best results for gum disease treatment.

teeth whitening home and laser and zoom

Teeth Whitening

For a brighter whiter smile we use modern techniques

eternal smiles dental centre

Friendly Staff

We have the best and qualified staff to ensure that you have the best services

eternal smiles dental centre

Comfortable Office

We provide a conducive environment so you don't have to be nervous

eternal smiles dental centre

High Quality Equipment

Modernequipment for all issues related to dental health.

eternal smiles dental centre

Advanced Dentistry

We keep unto date with modern procedures so you get the best care.

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