Replace Your Missing Teeth
With A Single Implant

See how Gillian and Lorraine had dental implants. They were keen to get their bite back and eat normally. They were wanting a reputable dentist to help them make the journey easy.

Are you looking to have your bite back or a better smile?  When you have a loose or missing tooth we provide you with the best possible solution with dental implants.

 We want to make the process for you easy and comfortable.

And give you exceptional value with 15 years of implant experience at Eternal Smiles.

A single implant allow you to bite your food better than any denture and is less invasive than a dental bridge.

Whether simple or complicated, Dr Singh has seen it before so you can be assured of an informed opinion explained in a way you’ll understand.

Our Implant Dentist in Solihull, Birmingham is constantly adhering to the highest standard of regulations and have access to the latest information regarding a single implant procedure.

Our dental implant dentist takes into account the highest standard of dental expertise and quality of care values, using high-quality materials, reputable dental laboratories and rigorous clinical protocols.

At Eternal Smiles we strive to achieve the right balance for our patients in achieving a very high-quality service at a fair cost, representing exceptional long term value and the best cosmetic result.

Treatment costs can be spread over the course of the treatment. Although the fees of a dental implant or teeth implants treatment can only accurately be given after a clinical assessment.  Our friendly and knowledgeable treatment coordinator is available to provide clear information about the investment of a dental implant and the various treatment options available.


“I was unhappy with my smile for years.  Dr Singh used braces to open the space with braces treatment and then placed an implant.  It looks amazing.  Thank you for your great work”  


Dr Singh has over many years of experience in cosmetic dentistry and dental implants. The dental practice offers the highest quality and effective implant dental treatments in Birmingham.

Whether you want to get one two or three implants or a full set you have come to the right place. 

There are many reasons why you might be considering a single implant, including:

Restoring your confidence: 

If you’re embarrassed to smile, then that needs to change; no one should live their life with that psychological barrier, and implants can help restore your confidence and improve your mental health as a result.

Saving you from further dental problems: 

single implant look, feel and behave like normal teeth, but because they aren’t vulnerable to the same disease, decay and cavities, they can help prevent dental problems further down the line.

Helping you to live a normal life again: 

If you have missing teeth, you might have trouble chewing and eating normally. With implants, normality is resumed, and you can eat with confidence again.

Giving you a low-maintenance way forward: 

single implant are often considered in addition to dentures or bridges, and the reality is that implants last longer and require much less maintenance than either of those options.

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The appearance of the front tooth is very important and thus it is essential to produce a natural-looking tooth and at the same time to create gum contours that are similar to that of your teeth.

Single Implant

“I fell over in my garden.  Dr Singh explained the treatment and I preferred the implant option.  I am so pleased and the results speak for themselves.   The aftercare was outstanding.  I have not met a dentist who is very caring.”                                                                                                           Amelia

Dental Implant

The implant has 3 sections.

The implant body is placed in the implant zone and then we allow the bone to heal around it for 3 months.

The attachment and the crown are then placed on top of it for function.  This allows you to eat comfortably.

Same Day Implants

It is possible to remove your tooth which is half broken and to place an implant at the same time.  You will have your smile back immediately and a nice appearance.  We have helped many patients and they all want their smile back.  And of course to have the joy of eating a nice meal, before breaking the tooth.

Multiple Dental Implants

“I am a very nervous patient. Dr Singh carefully explained the implant procedure. The implanted tooth near the front of my mouth feels normal and is comfortable. I would like to thank his team for their kind support and excellent work.                         Jack Amons

How do dental implants work?

Dental implants work by giving you a titanium substitute for your tooth root.

We’ll drill a hole where it’s needed, and then secure the implant; if the original tooth needs removing first, this can often be done at the same time.

Over time, bone tissue will grow, helping to make your new implant strong and stable. After about two months, your implant will be fully integrated into your mouth, giving you rock solid teeth that look, feel and behave exactly as you’d want them to.

Are dental implants a better alternative than dentures and bridges?

It totally depends on your specific circumstances. Removable dentures and bridges certainly have their part to play, and it might be that after your free consultation we recommend those options rather than implants.

However, what we can say is that implants are unequalled when it comes to tooth replacements that are as functional as they are aesthetically pleasing.

Why so many patients choose dental implants from Eternal Smiles Dental Centre every year

The benefits of dental implants are clear and obvious:

  • They’ll remove any unsightly gaps you’re currently hiding or are embarrassed about
  • You’ll no longer have to compromise on what you eat
  • They’re a true long-term solution, offering fantastic, fast results
  • Unlike bridges and dentures, there’s no additional preparation of adjacent teeth, nor is there any need for ongoing specialist care or procedures
  • Implants can be used to replace one tooth, several teeth, or your whole dental arch

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