Invisalign Braces

For Those Of You

Who Do Not Want To Put Your Life

On Hold With Metal Braces.

If your teeth are not quite straight we can straighten them for you.  Invisalign is an excellent option to discreetly and comfortably transform your smile and is considered to have revolutionised orthodontic treatment.

Considering straightening your teeth, but don’t like the thought of fixed braces, then Invisalign is the ideal solution. Invisalign uses a series of virtually invisible custom-made aligners that work to gradually straighten your teeth without using any metal wires or brackets.

We will help you through the process of regaining your confidence in the most discreet and convenient method. Give yourself the gift you deserve and share it proudly with the world.

We never, ever make the mistake of offering ‘one size fits all’ solutions, or pushing a specific product or service; we’ll always begin with your precise needs and requirements, and then prescribe the right solution for you.

That’s why we always insist on an initial consultation – this allows us to get to know each other, understand your needs and desires and make the correct recommendation.

Benefits Of Invisalign Braces :

  • Straighten your teeth without feeling self-conscious – you might not be keen on an obvious brace, but with Invisalign braces, you can go about your daily life, safe in the knowledge that your teeth are being straightened and aligned without it being evident to people you see.
  • Enjoy maximum comfort while your teeth are aligned – with no metal involved in the process, you won’t experience mouth abrasions like regular braces, which makes the whole treatment period as comfortable as possible.
  • Gain valuable self-confidence with a smile you can be proud of – Invisalign braces work to create a straight, aligned and symmetrical smile that you’ll be confident to show off.
  • Keep your mouth as healthy as possible – with straight teeth, and great oral hygiene, you minimise the risk of dental problems in the future.

Invisalign braces are designed with comfort in mind. There’s no metal or wires that require adjusting, with the specially made aligners providing optimal comfort.

It is cosmetic and popular as it is invisible and comfortable to wear, ensuring your friends will not even be able to see that you are wearing braces. Thanks to the innovative virtual treatment plan you can see how your straighten teeth will look.

Invisalign Adult Braces

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Our patients love the fact that Invisalign aligners are virtually invisible, and because they are removable, you’ll find it easy to brush and floss your teeth as normal throughout your treatment.

You’ll need to wear your bespoke aligners for a one to two week period, only removing them when eating or brushing your teeth; this usually equates to around 20-22 hours a day.

Best Invisalign Teeth

“Thank you for making my teeth straight.  The results showed in just a few months. My friends said that they did not know I had braces in my mouth.”                          Peter


“I wanted a discreet way to straighten my teeth.  I was pleased with the results.  Everything was explained to me every step of the way”                                      James


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Dr Singh has an interest in all forms of orthodontic treatment

and has completed well in excess of hundreds of orthodontic cases since qualification in 1996.

Dr Singh is fully committed to  quality dental care.

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