Partial Dentures Which Fit Superbly

Have you got loose dentures?  Do you want to eat better and have secure dentures?  Then look no further, Eternal Smiles Dental Centre will look after you and provide you with an effective alternative to dentures.

Our patients want a Valplast denture to eat and talk better.  They have little bone in their jaw to stop the denture from moving.  They have lost confidence in their dentures.

For cost-effective treatment ask us for a Valplast denture which is tighter fitting than regular dentures.

Eternal Smiles Dental Centre

“I love my new Valplast dentures.  Feel natural and easy to eat with.


We welcome you to get a better alternative to regular dentures you have.

Valplast dentures look and perform like natural teeth making them a preferred choice to dentures.

Our dentist has many years of experience in placing implants. Rest assured you will have a great dentist with superb expertise.

‘Valplast®’ is the worlds first ‘Flexible Partial’ and has over 60+ years of research and development. When considering a removable partial, many people find a ‘Valplast® Flexible Partial’ to be the most comfortable option, and the final restoration can be made very quickly. While the cost is often higher than a partial made with visible metal clasps, the results of the flexible partial are beautiful, and patient satisfaction is very high. The Valplast® Flexible Partial involves only non-invasive procedures, and gives you confidence in your restoration while talking ,eating and most importantly, smiling.

‘Valplast® Flexible Partials’ are made from a ‘Nylon’ material and are custom made precisely to the patients mouth, with the aim of making them discreet, thin and flexible than conventional acrylic dentures , this makes the overall ‘Flexible Partial’ feel smaller, easy to adapt to and virtually unbreakable due to it’s ‘Flexible’ nature.

They are held in the mouth by ‘Flexible Gum Coloured Clasps’ that hook around the natural teeth and blend in naturally with the gums due to it’s translucent colour, this will make the clasps inconspicuous when smiling or talking.

The function of clasps are to hold the denture in place and provide an extra grip when eating or talking. In certain cases, metal clasps on ‘Chrome Dentures’ can be replaced with ‘Flexible Gum Coloured Clasps’ which is a called a ‘Hybrid Chrome Denture’.

Denture acrylics and metal alloys may be prone to breakage and fracture over the course of time. ‘Valplast® Flexible Partials’ come with a lifetime warranty against breakage and fracture for the denture base under normal use. ‘Valplast®’ can also be rebased and have teeth added to it if modifications are necessary over time. “Nobody has to know you’re missing teeth”!


Our bespoke denture service is improving the lives of thousands of denture wearers across Birmingham. The results we achieve speak for themselves with our patients saying they feel happier and more confident than before.

We tailor our complete dentures to suit the shape of your face and bring out your best features. If you have experienced total tooth loss then Eternal Smile dentures offer a dual effect by revolumizing the face and restoring your smile. With the right volume and the right proportion, our experts can give you a more youthful appearance.

You shouldn’t ignore missing teeth even if they aren’t visible in your smile. Our partial dentures can be used to replace one or several missing teeth. They look and feel natural and play an important role by stopping your healthy teeth from shifting positions and tilting into the gaps left behind by tooth loss.

For patients troubled by loose dentures, our Clinical Dental Technician also works alongside our Implant Dentist to provide a solution that will last for years, by improving chewing function and restoring your appearance our implant retained dentures give you the ability to eat well, whilst looking good and smiling more.

Benefits of Valplast Dentures


'Valplast® Flexible Partials' have a uniform thickness of 1.5mm and allows the tongue to glide over partial comfortably without noticing . They are designed to not place invasive pressure on the gums or natural teeth and makes it comfortable to wear due to it's light weight and flexible nature. The clasps are made from a 'Flexible Nylon Material' and provide extra grip to stop movement and hold it firmly in place whilst eating and speaking.


'Valplast' nylon material comes in a variety of translucent gum colours, this allows 'Valplast® Flexible Partials' to be inconspicuous in the mouth. The clasps are positioned to hook around the natural teeth and follow the shape of the tooth to make the clasps discreet and functional.

Accurately fitting:

'Valplast® Flexible Partials' are held firmly in place by 'Flexible Gum Coloured Clasps' that hook around natural teeth. Being a light weight material, 'Flexible Gum Coloured Clasps' alone need extra support, 'Valplast Partials' are designed to sit on the back of the front teeth which means less movement, whilst eating and talking.


'Valplast® Flexible Partials' are made with 'Nylon' and have a uniform thickness of 1.5mm, this allows the partial to be able to bend without breaking the denture and makes 'Valplast® Flexible Partials' virtually unbreakable. All 'Valplast® Flexible Partials' come with a 'Life Long Guarantee'. "Nobody has to know, you have 'Missing Teeth'"!

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Swiss Denture Concept: A cut above the rest

Revolutionary materials and groundbreaking techniques are all part of the rapid advances being made in dental technology. Gone are the days of artificial looking and uncomfortable dentures. Today, patients can expect a denture that’s comfortable, natural looking and allows them to live life to the fullest.

If you’re looking for the highest quality denture solution available, then a Swiss Denture Concept denture is your answer. Leading Swiss dental manufacturer, Candulor, have researched and developed dentures like no other.  Here are some of the reasons why:

State-of-the-art materials

Swiss Denture Concept dentures are manufactured using a high-grade material called NanoFilled Composite. This advanced material enables us to produce a high-strength denture with excellent abrasion resistance. It will last longer than any other denture and is superior in both function and durability.

Fit with precision

Your clinician will take a series of precise functional impressions and jaw joint registrations. Measurements are taken using advanced laboratory methods and equipment. The process takes some time so you’ll require few more appointments than usual. But, the result will be well worth it – your denture will fit seamlessly.

No one will know you’re wearing it

We work hard to make sure your new denture teeth look as realistic as possible. We can replicate the appearance of natural porcelain teeth, matched to your natural aesthetic. You’ll have the opportunity to select the tooth shape you want and we’ll craft and apply individual tooth and gum colouring meticulously.

Dental Implants

At Eternal Smiles Dental Centre, we believe that Dental Implants offers the most natural appearance and function for your replacement teeth.


Make your implant look, feel and function like your own natural teeth


Restore your natural speech and taste (no need for a false denture palate)


Stimulate the tissue in your jawbone to maintain your facial structures, helping you look younger longer


Do away with the need for denture adhesives


Eliminate the discomfort of ill-fitting dentures

How would Dental Implants benefit me?

  • an implant is more stable than your regular denture
  • enables you to speak more easily
  • less worry that  your denture may become loose or fall out of the mouth at the dinner table
  • you will be able to eat more of the types of foods you enjoy
  • it feels more natural than a regular denture because the denture part in your palate no longer covers the roof of your mouth.

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