Insignia braces are a revolution in fixed braces. Made just for you, and fitted by us, these braces give us the opportunity to show you computer animations of how your teeth will look when straightened even before we start treatment

Customised for a sophisticated treatment, allowing for precise positioning of your teeth, and made from either stainless steel or more discreet tooth-coloured ceramic, these braces are attached to the front of your teeth. The accurate nature of these braces helps reduce treatment time.

How Insignia braces can help you?

Are your teeth crooked?
Do you have gaps between your teeth?
Are your teeth crowded?
Do you have protruding teeth?
Do you have difficulty chewing food?

If you are reluctant to smile, and hide your teeth, it is time to consider clear braces.  Ring now for a consultation.

Lowest Prices Now From Only 12.99 pw
Clear Braces In Birmingham
Gain Self Confidence with the clear choice
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