Invisalign Braces are translucent braces which allow you to not have any metal brackets placed on your teeth. It does allow your teeth to be moved. It is wafer thin and transparent. They are designed so that you wear each positioner for approximately two weeks. Little by little they gently move your teeth from their present to your desired position, as you work through the steps. These clear positioners are excellent at straightening out overlapping, crooked or gappy teeth, but they canít solve every problem on their own. For very complex problems the more conventional brace is used.

They are very comfortable and donít impact on your speech, but importantly, are removable so you can take them out for an important business meeting or a hot date!

How clear braces can help you?

Are your teeth crooked?
Do you have gaps between your teeth?
Are your teeth crowded?
Do you have protruding teeth?
Do you have difficulty chewing food?

If you are reluctant to smile, and hide your teeth, it is time to consider clear braces.  Ring now for a consultation.

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