Why do teeth discolour?

Teeth can discolour from certain foods colourings and drinks like tea, coffee, red wine or even smoking. As we get older teeth can naturally discolour due to the enamel wearing and showing the darker dentine through.

There are two Teeth Whitening techniques we use at Eternal Smiles.

Home Teeth Whitening

This is achieved using whitening syringes for a couple of hours a night. Dr Singh makes a custom made tray which fits your teeth tightly. You then place a tiny amount of gel into each well of the tray and leave it for an hour each evening. This technique is different to over the counter bleaching kits which have very low concentrations. Over the counter kits also are not well fitting and hence result in hypersensitivity of the teeth or gums. Dr Singh’s whitening trays are well fitting and thus reduce much of the sensitivity and give you a better result.

In House Teeth Whitening

Dr Singh uses the latest Zoom 2.5 Advance whitening technique. You achieve up to 8 shades whiter teeth and have home whitening trays to take away with you. The time it takes to whiten teeth is three 15 minute applications of special whitening gel. This gives you whiter teeth very quickly. You will need to use your home kit to top up with whitening gel once every month.

"What a fantastic result, very please with my new white teeth. Very relaxing treatment."

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Teeth Whitening From £149

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